what type water should I use for preparing artificial saltwater for my reef aquarium?

Tap water often contains impurities that can cause problems when added to your aquarium, So we highly recommend using RO/DI water for your reef tank, to check your water use a reliable TDS meter, it should read 0ppm. Then use this water to prepare you saltwater with artificial salt mix.

What is the difference between a saltwater aquarium and reef aquarium ?

In general saltwater aquarium refers to a wide range of aquariums having specially prepared water 
with artificial salt mix.  A salt water aquarium can be a fish only tank (only fishes), it can be 
FOWLER system (fish only with live rocks), and it can be REEF tank (contains fishes, live rock, corals,
 invertebrates, crabs etc). In short Reef aquarium is a type of aquarium under saltwater category. Reef 
aquarium needs better water quality, filtration system, and lighting.

Is your saltwater products are safe to use in reef tank?

Yes, all of our saltwater products are reef safe, and can be used safely in any reef tank, as long as proper dosage Is followed .